Subsea and Topside IRM

FSDS International possesses a vast amount of experience, knowledge and expertise in the maintenance, repair and upgrade of existing infrastructure including pipeline inspection and repair, structure inspection and repair, underwater welding, underwater NDT and survey by diver and ROV.

FSDS International provides Inspection Diving services in conjunction with ROV inspection on board vessels of opportunity or on client issued vessels to carry out Offshore Inspection as part of routine inspection programmes including:

  • Offshore Jackets and Structures
  • Pipelines
  • Subsea Wellheads
  • Pipe-line End Manifold (PLEM)
  • Flexible Risers / Mid-water Buoys / SBM’s
  • FSO UWILD survey

Scopes of work include but not limited to:

  • Marine Growth measurement
  • Weld Inspection
  • CP Readings
  • UT Readings
  • MPI Readings
  • ACFM
  • Scour surveys
  • Pipeline free-span surveys